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Tabay Atkins is the youngest 500-hour certified yoga teacher in the world, and a vegan chef.

He received his 200 hour vinyasa certificate at the age of 10 and became a 500 hour certified vinyasa teacher at the age of 14. He is now 18 years old and has over 10 specialty yoga certificates, is a Reiki Master, is a certified chef, and certified in Plant-Based Nutrition. Right now, Tabay is based Orange County, California, and Maui, Hawai'i. His most recent venture is opening up his very own vegan food truck called Tabay's Mindful Kitchen, based in Orange County, California.

Tabay's certificates include:

200 Hour Vinyasa

300 Hour Vinyasa


Yoga Education for Autism Spectrum

Level 1, 25 Hour Yoga for Children and Teens (Autism, Neurodiversity & Diverse Needs)

Level 2, 70 Hour Yoga for Children and Teens (Autism, Neurodiversity & Diverse Needs)

Circus Yoga Ring 1

Circus Yoga Ring 2

Level 1, 50 Hour Rainbow Kids Yoga

Teen/Tween Yoga

Aerial Yoga

Restorative Yoga

Reiki Level 1

Reiki Level 2

Reiki Master Teacher

Plant-Based Nutrition

Plant-Based Cooking

Tabay teaches all over the world for events, at schools, retreats, conferences, private classes at people’s homes, at beaches, parks, for birthday parties, at hotels, and classes via zoom.

Tabay’s journey with yoga started when he was just 7 years old, and his mom, Sahel, was just 2 weeks cancer free. She had just joined a 200 hour vinyasa yoga teacher training. After having cancer and going through intensive chemotherapy treatments, she could barely walk. She was broken down physically and emotionally. Tabay was by her side during her training, and noticed how much yoga was helping her feel better both physically and emotionally. In just a short couple of months she was able to walk on her own again and was happier and healthier than even before she had cancer. Tabay knew right then and there that he had found his dharma and wanted to become a yoga teacher so he could help heal others the way he saw yoga help heal his mom.

He has been donating his time and money to help people who have cancer ever since he started teaching yoga at age 10.

He has since been on numerous television shows, radio shows, magazines and newspapers, teaching for Deepak Chopra and hundreds of his guests, celebrity clients, featured on the cover of the Yoga Journal Magazine, and so much more.

Tabay and his mom soon after became vegan, and have since started sharing their culinary skills with people around the world by teaching vegan cooking classes, both in person as well as online, and most recently with his new food truck.

Tabay has accomplished so much in his young life, including graduating from High School almost 4 years early at the young age of 14, with a 4.0 GPA and straight A's.

Tabay’s passions are teaching and practicing yoga, cooking, photography, building LEGO, numismatics, traveling, playing the piano, santoor, and tonbak, exploring America's national parks, and spending time with family and friends.

His dreams are to continue teaching and sharing yoga and veganism all over the world, to write a cookbook and a book about his journey with his mom, become a national park ranger, and to continue to inspire people, and spread love, peace, happiness and good health to as many people as he can, and to also continue to donate money and time to causes he believes in.

The mantra that Tabay lives by is:

“Think Good Thoughts,

Speak Kind Words,

Feel Love, Be Love, and Give Love”



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