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"When I first heard Tabay’s story I knew there was something special about the work he was doing and I was honored to tell his story twice: once for Good Morning America and another time for my YouTube channel. I have no doubt he can change the world, one person at a time."

Frank Elaridi
4x Emmy award-winning journalist and YouTuber


"Tabay is a loving light in the yoga world with a genuine mission to bring this ancient healing science to millions of children around the world! I look forward to watching his legacy grow in the coming years!"

Sahara Rose
Best-Selling author and Host of Highest Self Podcast

"Tabay is a truly gifted teacher of yoga. His attention to detail and technicality are matched only by his humor, warmth, + authenticity. It is a true joy to be in his presence. I highly recommend his class."

Sarah Platt-Finger

"Tabay is a light beam of pure love. He showed up to our event Lead with Love ready to serve & share his heart with our hundreds of attendees. He won them over with his adept teaching & sincerity. Tabay taught with Tao Porchion Lynch, the oldest yoga teacher in America, & held a beautiful space with her. It was a huge highlight for all of us & we can't wait to welcome him back. Tabay is truly an Ambassador of love & yoga who will touch many, many lives with his luminous heart."

Gina Murdock
Founder & Director, Lead with Love

"Think good thoughts...speak kind words...feel love, be love, and give love.” This is how Tabay ends each class, boy we can all take heart. His sharpness and knowledge is so helpful to someone starting out in yoga.
I look forward to each class I take from Tabay. I highly recommend everyone spend an hour with Tabay and feel the love!"

Tim Metcalf


"Tabay is the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had. I have taken many classes before with different teachers, but I was never able to tap into my full potential until I studied under Tabay. He is very knowledgeable, and he has the amazing ability to make everyone feel comfortable, and grow in their practice. I owe a good part of my healing and enhanced inner strength over the last year, to my yoga sessions with Tabay. I’m grateful I’m able to benefit from his light, and I highly recommend everyone give him a chance to do the same for them. Thank you Tabay!"

Lindsay Linegar
Editor of San Clemente Lifestyle Mazagine


"Tabay is one of the brightest lights in yoga. His personal journey of healing and self discovery through the practice is inspiring for people of all experiences and made especially significant as it comes from the words of a young man wise beyond his years! Oh, and that Afro --love it!!!"

Michael Franti


"My family of 4 and I have had the joy of attending yoga with Tabay and his classes (and online program) are amazing! He is such a Joyful, Loving person and he infuses that Love into all he does whether it be yoga, cooking or caring for his friends and family. Tabay truly embodies the Love and Kindness he speaks of and we walk away better people having spent time with him. We cannot recommend Tabay enough and can’t wait to see what he accomplishes in the future!"

Kathy A


"I met Tabay Atkins a couple of years ago and he doesn’t cease to amaze me. I have met people who say they are old souls, but Tabay is the first person who strikes me as someone who has been here before. He is wise beyond his age and more impressive than many adults I know. Even our simple conversations always leave me learning something from this young man. I was honored to have him as a guest on my podcast and can only say that Tabay gives me hope for the future."

Maz Jobrani


"What to say about Tabay, except, what is there not to say about Tabay.... If the light in his eyes and the warmth of his smile doesn’t completely capture your soul in the first second of meeting him (as it did me), his incomparable wisdom beyond his years most certainly makes a most lasting impression. Tabay is one of those people that is unlike anyone I have ever met. It is true he is only 14 years old, which in and of itself is extraordinary for his many accomplishments - including being the youngest yoga instructor and an amazing (vegan) chef du jour, but take that out of the equation for a moment and you can’t help but realize this is a human being that is almost ethereal. Tabay’s persona exudes such a light and love that it’s truly contagious, and at the same time, his collectively profound depth of knowledge in whatever he holds interest in, is captivating; his intellect is truly astounding, and yet everything he shares makes you feel at ease, and curiously and pleasantly educated. I also feel so very fortunate to have experienced his culinary creations first hand - and whether you are a vegan (such as myself), or not, his online video direction makes it so easy to replicate these incredibly delicious, yet healthy meals. That said, for all of his talents and expertise, what stands out most to me than even the abundance of those talents, is his everlasting love and devotion to his Mom, and that speaks volumes about who he is and what he stands for, above and beyond all. Their relationship is one to behold - and to be in their presence is to be on a higher plane. One of the most loving and beautiful relationships/friendships I have ever witnessed, this is a love that is ‘in the air’ and is truly the purest and most thoughtful to see. They are individually a beautiful combination both inside and out, and they have an uncanny ability to enrapture those around them in their force field of love and enlightenment. When I think of Tabay, I know that anyone or anything he comes in contact with, for any reason or on any level, is in a significantly better place for knowing him; since the day I met him, I have experienced that, and it is truly an honor."

Shelly Preston

"Tabay is a shining light in this world! I have trusted him with my children in guiding them through yoga many times. He has the amazing ability to connect with all audiences while making each experience so special. His calming, yet engaging demeanor is so comfortable for anyone he comes in contact with. He radiates positivity and knowing he is a role model for my children, as well as a friend of mine is a true gift! He is a shining example of the fact that one person can make a difference and change the world! Tabay you are a gift to the planet and I’m honored to walk along this journey with you!"

Melissa Fricke

Sr. Talent Advisor, Oracle

"Tabay is amazing! What an excellent teacher that creates an atmosphere of peace and serenity. Your teaching allows me to bring my body, mind and soul into balance that I need to survive the fast paced world we live in. Your teaching style, voice and pace is perfect for my mindset. I just want to warmly thank you. You inspire me everyday in everything that you do, from your cooking, yoga and just who you are. I am beyond grateful to have met you."

Gary W

"Since I’ve known you I have been amazed at how bright you are but just as  importantly how you connect with people.  You have been much more mature than your peers age-wise which I feel will help you be much more successful as you determine which career choice is best for you. In addition, the relationship with your Mom has always made me feel your mutual love for each other will propel you into relationships with other people more appropriately as you age. Your have a genuine talent for learning new things and are willing to spend the time necessary to master new challenges. Personally, I’m very impressed with you and I think you will go far in this world.  President Atkins may one day be your title."

Barry Rosenbloom, MD

"Tabay Atkins. Sensitive, kind human from birth and terrific student at the school where I taught for 36 years. These qualities that have made him such an asset to his family, friends, and community have also contributed to his impressive stature as a yoga instructor. I must admit that even after a lifetime of surfing (or maybe because of it), I am one of the least flexible people on the planet. Tabay was able to factor in my advanced age and rigidity without judgment while leading my yoga session. He never pushed me beyond my capabilities and offered lots of encouragement and appropriate advice. Tabay always has a calm, wise demeanor that complements his knowledge of yoga and his ability to communicate it to others. It’s worth mentioning that Tabay is also an amazing vegan chef. Just one more ingredient in the wonderful mix of Tabay Atkins."


Kurt Page

"Tabay is a beacon of light and you immediately feel his warmth and can’t help but smile when he walks into a room to teach yoga. His young energy coupled with aged wisdom is the perfect formula to help lead children and adults around the world into their center. Tabay’s mission is to change the hearts and minds of everyone he touches and given the many years he has ahead of him, there’s no doubt he will grow into a prominent leader spreading love and light throughout the world."


Ravé Mehta
Award-winning Flow Pianist and Bestselling Author

"Tabay is a sincere and accomplished yoga practitioner and an inspiring teacher. He is here for nothing less than making this world a better place with yoga, veganism, and a great big open heart! Tabay is the change we want to see in the world!"

Gopala Amir Yaffa
Rainbow Kids Yoga


"Tabay is a gem of a human. I've never seen a person with such amazing human values, life skills, courage, & intuition at such a young age. I've always enjoyed talking to him and learning what his life values & goals are for the future. Always has a smile on his face that resembles the California sun!"

Moe Baghai

"My daughter Lily and I attended numerous yoga classes taught by Tabay. They were amazing. His grace, professionalism and knowledge are unsurpassed. I would highly recommend Tabay."

John Redmond

"I love Tabay!! So does everyone else who comes in contact with him. He is a beautiful old soul who is full of aloha. I have taken both a cooking class and yoga class with him. Just being in his presence is up lifting. He is a joy to be around. Looking forward to my next yoga class with this sweet yogi."


Peggy Bowers

"Tabay was a student in my fifth grade class in San Clemente. He stood out because of his hair, shoes, and great smile. But what turned out to be exceptional was yoga. Tabay's mom was very much part of the class. His mom would come every week to do yoga. She and Tabay would take half of the class at a time into a portable classroom and make them relaxed, comfortable, and limber. Kids who might normally scoff at the idea of doing yoga turned into focused young scholars who interacted in a super positive way with one another. Yoga brought us together, and Tabay and his mother shined. Performing these exercises to an instructional video would not have had the same effect. The positive feeling and energy given by mom and Tabay were almost tangible, and it caused the class to act and feel differently than any other time during the day throughout the year. We love Tabay for that, and he and his yoga gift will never be forgotten."


Thomas Carter 
Elementary teacher

"Me and my 2 little children lost my wife/mother last January 2018, and in March of the same year I met Tabay and reencountered with Sahel, his mother who I met in 2004..Tabay and Sahel changed us completely and helped us a lot to get through that terrible loss. I know for sure that without them, we would not be who we are today. He does bring light to the darkness and Sahel supports him all along. She is an amazing woman. Everyday I read a thankful letter to the Universe because of them."


Ramon, Lola and Martin
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

"I had the pleasure of speaking with Tabay and his mother Sahel on my podcast last year. Tabay is wise beyond his years and far more love and understanding than many adults I have met. I continue to be inspired by him, and can't wait to see what he ends up creating in the near future."


Vegan Danielle

"Tabay's passion for yoga, healing and personal growth is vast and inspiring. He shares his heart, experiences and knowledge with everyone ~ his family, his students and he extends it to all sentient beings, breaking down the walls of speciesism with loving-kindness. Tabay is a gift to this world, a rare soul who is effortlessly wholesome and true. Sprinkling kindness as he goes, he is a natural, very gifted teacher and a humble, generous soul."

Angel Yaffa
Rainbow Kids Yoga

"What can you say about a young man who has found his life’s passion at a young age? Tabay has demonstrated that no matter how old you are, you’re calling could strike at any moment. Inspired by his mother’s cancer, Tabay has exuded and exemplary lifestyle for everyone to take follow. Recognizing that diet, health and positivity can really impact the outcome in anyone’s life no matter what their story may be and he continues to be an industry leader. Do yourself the favor and give yourself the gift of a healthy life by becoming a member of Tabay’s dietary program or heal yourself with his reaches of yoga"

Martin Majano


Martin Anthony USA

"Tabay is a remarkable person. Very knowledgeable about nutrition, a top yoga instructor with many special designations and an inspirational health advocate. That he is still a teenager puts him in a league of his own. If you are ever lucky enough to come in contact with him, let him inspire you. He will change your life dramatically for the better."

Ron Russell
Partner Suncafe
Transformative Health Chef & Anti-Aging Instructor

"Underneath our human body, there is a soul. Tabay is the reminder of what our souls look like : love & light.  I’ve had the privilege of interviewing him on my show. I was so happy to see how much my audience loved him because he had become a convenient reflection for them to see their own beauty through him."

Yaya Gorbani


"The day I met Tabay he generously gave an enormous smile and warm welcoming to our alignment. Tabay being  the youngest yoga teacher in the world at the time, our meeting at a yoga studio in Los Angeles for a book launch for a fellow spiritual leader aligned our divine connection brilliantly. His beautiful Mother graced his side and expressed as much kind warmth and bright light as her gifted son. I knew in that moment this was no ordinary person but quite possibly one of the most extraordinary people I would ever know. His modesty and humbleness a reflection of his Mothers excellent guidance and true Motherly love. Tabay has shown through his message to the world publicly he is here to fulfill his purpose to teach others yoga, vegan nutrition and spiritual enlightening practices that our world is in great need for. What a gift his life is to this earth. His contribution is an enormous asset to all people of every origin as he is a real role model for all of us. On top of that I am honored to have him as a true friend, he always makes me smile when I receive his uplifting text messages and I appreciate his friendship beyond words. I will always support him and his inspiriting purpose. I wish Tabay an abundance of love and bright light."

Carlye Ava Martin
Founder of The Bright Life Group

"I first met Tabay and his mother Sahel while having lunch at one of my favorite vegan restaurants, Veggie Grill. While engaged in conversation I immediately became aware of his passion for life and willingness to help others. His knowledge of yoga as it relates to the human body is quite impressive. It is a pleasure to know Tabay and I am glad to have met him by chance. He is truly a bright shining light.”

Phil Collen

Def Leppard

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